micah berman ↬ projects

  • wood slab desk [2020]: an adjustible sit/stand desk finished from a rough walnut slab, including a large bowtie inlay.
  • twofly [2019]*: where's the cheapest place for people from multiple origins to meet? Turn a routine meeting (or a long distance relationship) into an adventure with this simple search that will rank destinations by combined price and provide links to book both tickets directly.
  • wrld.li [2019]*: a closed community travel recommendation site. get the password from a friend as a thank-you for a good deed; share what you know for others. designed to remain limited in size, it is an experiment in sharing trust - not growing a userabse. it's a good place to gift the password to make a reservation at that unlabeled restaurant in San Miguel de Allende, or the cell phone number of your favorite tour guide in northern Ethiopia.
  • mini pottery [2018]: I spent a year making a plethora of small containers. Still have some left to give away, just ask.
  • decision framework [2017]: made a framework for "hard decisions".
  • big adventures [2014-2019]: crazy self-guided group excursions, including off-season houseboating (20 pax), river tubing (60 pax), scavenger hunts (50 pax), trips to fire towers that end in flights to france, errands to hot springs deep in the desert, and more.
  • rental property management system [2009]: built a custom rental property CMS and application processing portal from scratch, used by a small rental company.
  • course scheduler [2007-8]: wrote a complete course scheduling system (courses to rooms, mobile resources to courses, students to courses) from the ground up, used by a 300+ person school until recently.
  • elementary school website [1996]: first for-hire gig - built simple website for my elementary school before that was a thing.